Moran (E.A) Publishers Ltd. has partnered with Kytabu, a textbook subscription platform, to avail ebooks on an affordable pay-as-you-go model from any device. Payment via MPESA is supported to facilitate easy access to books or sections of a book for a specified time period.

Kytabu is a leasing application for textbooks that are preinstalled on a device that is affordable and accessible to middle and low income families. The application that works on tablets and computers, is designed to be simple, practical and interactive while providing a new channel to access learning material that comes as a requirement for children learning in a government curriculum environment. Using mobile money transactions built into the application, a student can access fractured content (a page, a chapter or a book) for various timeframes (an hour, day, week, month or school term) and pay a fraction of the price if they got the book from a book store.

The additional convenience and ease of purchase, the up to date content and the rich forms of content that include video, animation and audio create an extremely exciting and interactive form of learning for students and teachers in any setting. The Kytabu application comes in a tablet, a dongle or modem to be plugged into a computer, a webbox which is a keypad connected to a television set or a SIM-Set which is a SIM card and MicroSD that can be slotted into any of the devices above that the user may have as well.

The objective of Kytabu is to help students in the developing world to leapfrog the limitations infrastructure and cost have placed on the access and use of learning content in a developing world context.

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