Mastering grammar is the foundation in the proficiency of English as a language. Grammar teaching is also an essential part of learning English. Grammar,as a set of rules for choosing words and putting words together to make sense, plays a significant role in teaching English as a language. Without grammar, language does not exist. Also, it is difficult for students to speak English well without learning grammar. So, in the school set-up, it is inevitable for teachers who teach English language to teach grammar.
The components and basic features of English as a language determine the need for grammar. Grammar is the most important part in a language system. A complete language system cannot be constituted without grammar. Thus, we can imagine that grammar is just like a frame of a house. Without this framework, good materials and building blocks cannot constitute a solid house.
The standard of mastering English language embodies the importance of grammar teaching. To understand English language is to know grammar, vocabulary, text structure and rules of use. Although people have different viewpoints on the standard of mastering English language, there is a commonality, that is, to master English language, one must master its grammar.
Grammar and communicative competence should not be in opposition. Without grammar, language, communicative knowledge and competence are just “castles in the air”. With a good knowledge of grammar, students can fully improve their integrated English proficiency and promote the overall levels of their English. Therefore, teachers who teach English as a language should strive to explore grammar teaching methods to fully promote students’ English level..get a full preview of the Keys to English Grammar book at