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Publishing Proposal Guidelines

Publishing Proposal Guidelines As a general rule, you should send your proposal to the Publishing Manager. Remember to include the following:

1.  A one-page cover letter

2. An introduction that sells your idea in two pages or less. Assume you are writing the publisher’s catalogue copy for us.

Tell us

  • what the book is about, what makes it unique,
  • The market for your book and how it will be reached,

The competition your book is likely to face,

3. A table of contents, annotated if necessary, to give an overall picture of your manuscript.

4. Sample material, enough to convince, and enough to give a sense of what the final publication will contain.

5. Information about the author(s) – what makes you the right person to author the book?

6. Format: Ensure that your manuscript is: – Typed and printed (only hard copies are required at this stage) – Printed using Times New Roman font, size 12 – Line spacing should be double – Printed on one face of the paper – Paginated

7. Experience? Other publications you have done in the past? Your unique position in the society?

8. Disclose whether the manuscript has been submitted to another publisher. Has it been reviewed? By who? What were the reviewer’s comments? NB: Often, we refer these materials to professional reviewers for reactions. The author is contacted as soon as possible once a decision is made. This review process may take about three months. Once a manuscript has been accepted, the author signs a standard contract that details all the benefits and obligations of both parties.